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Ageing Asia Research Hub

The Ageing Asia Research Hub's mission is to enhance knowledge and understanding of the causes and implications of demographic change throughout the Asian region, to inform policy formulation and practice innovation.

The Ageing Asia Research Hub was established in 2019 with the support of significant funding from the UNSW Business School. The Hub builds on the success of the Australia-China Population Ageing Hub which was established at CEPAR’s UNSW Sydney node in 2015 with generous funding from the UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Strategic Priority Fund, and supersedes this as a research entity.

The Hub’s research program addresses the challenges presented by the rapid demographic transition in many Asian countries. These societies will get old before economic growth delivers affluence, making even the initial development of strong social (income, health and long-term care) support structures problematic. Further, regional migration, leading to separation of families across generations, is combining with declining fertility to reduce effective intergenerational family support, especially family based care of older people, which has for so long been a traditional part of the Asian way of life.

The Hub undertakes research, and initiates workshops and other engagement programs, to enhance and disseminate knowledge and policy expertise in the Asian region, focusing especially on emerging Asia.

The Hub leverages CEPAR’s existing collaborative relationships with leading universities in the region as well as its partnerships with the World Bank, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and Willis Towers Watson to achieve major impact in the region. It seeks external partners, both within Australia and internationally, to develop specific research projects.

  • The Hub's research program comprises three related strands.

  • The Hub is interested in connecting with high-quality research organisations.

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    The Hub initiates workshops and other engagement programs in the Asian region.

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