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Research Program

The Research Program developed with these strategic funds comprises three related strands:

Healthy Ageing Retirement Incomes Long-Term Care

Healthy Ageing

This area explores the health of ageing cohorts in emerging Asia, to identify feasible interventions and help map future demand for health care and long-term care services. It analyses how health can be best characterised in ageing populations, especially in an emerging economy context.

Selected Projects

Retirement Incomes 

This research area assesses which designs for retirement support are best suited to the rapidly growing and rapidly ageing economies in Asia, including tax and financing mechanisms.

Selected Projects

Long-Term Care 

In this research area, the Hub undertakes analysis, using comparative techniques, to investigate which aspects of a range of policy initiatives are most successful. 

Selected Projects 

  • Systems of Long-term Care Delivery and Alternative Financing Mechanisms in Emerging Asia 

  • Falls are a Significant Mortality Risk Indicator: Evidence from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Survey 

  • Dynamics of Pain and Impacts on Functional Limitations among Middle- Aged and Older Indonesians 

  • Household Economic Impacts of Family Caregivers: Longitudinal Findings in Indonesia 

  • Health Service Utilisation among Older Adults in Mongolia 

  • Substitutional Effect of Long-term Care to Medical Health Expenditure 

  • Long-term Care Insurance Financing using Home Equity Release 


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Dr Katja Hanewald, Director of Research
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