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Research Program 2017-2024


Our planned research program will provide Australia, the greater Pacific region, and the world, with crucial new knowledge to inform social and economic responses to one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. It seeks to have a major impact on policy and business practice by providing evidence to enable individuals, business and governments to respond better to demographic change and improve wellbeing.

The research is organised into four closely interlinked streams which draw on the expertise of actuaries, demographers, economists, epidemiologists, psychologists and sociologists. The knowledge and findings generated by each project combine with others to deliver innovative and comprehensive research outputs across multiple disciplines.

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  • Examines the macro-demographic dynamics of Australia, how our nation will be affected by global developments (especially Asia), and how optimal policy settings will be shaped by these dynamics.

  • Explores the relationship between cognition, education, decision making, social expectations and ageing; and how individuals make complex life decisions against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty.

  • Mature workers

    Focuses on the impact of various work designs on worker wellbeing at older ages and investigates barriers to mature workforce participation, especially age discrimination and caring responsibilities.

  • Monetary growth

    Takes an issues-based approach to investigate how businesses, households, and governments can deliver improved retirement incomes and health policy, in the context of limited fiscal capacity.