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Australia-China Population Ageing Research Hub

The Australia-China Population Ageing Research Hub, established in 2015 with significant funding from UNSW, undertakes extensive research into the economic and health implications of population ageing in China, such as pension and social security reform, labour supply, and disability prevalence.

It is based at CEPAR's UNSW node, and our existing and emerging linkages with Chinese academe - including China Nine (C9) universities - and relationships with policy makers at all layers of government, make us uniquely placed to spearhead this initiative.

By 2030, China’s ageing population (65+) is estimated to rise by 68%, and by 2050 UN estimates are that it will have more people over the age of 60 than any other country. China therefore urgently needs to develop and establish firm and sustainable policies addressing retirement provision, health and ageing, and well-governed business practices.


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    Informing policy and practice innovation requires a major and focused research effort now, along with mechanisms for ensuring research impact on policy.

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