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Professor Philip O'Keefe


BA (Hons.) and LLB (University of Sydney); MSc (Oxford University); LLM (London School of Economics)

Primary affiliation: Professor of Practice, UNSW Business School, Sydney; Director of the Ageing Asia Research Hub, ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR)

Philip (Pip) O'Keefe is a development economist who has published widely on issues related to social protection policies and systems, labour markets, and population ageing, with a particular focus on Asia. 

Katja Hanewald
Dr Katja Hanewald

Director of Research

MSc PhD Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Primary affiliation: Senior Lecturer in the School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, UNSW Sydney; CEPAR Associate Investigator

Katja Hanewald is an economist whose research addresses risk management and insurance aspects of population ageing. 

Bei Lu
Dr Bei Lu

Director of Outreach

MBA University of South Australia; PhD Economics UNSW

Primary affiliation: CEPAR Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney

Bei Lu is an economist with interests in pensions and population ageing-related social welfare and economic issues, including long-term care.

Professor John Piggott
Scientia Professor John Piggott AO

CEPAR Director

BA University of Sydney; MSc London School of Economics; PhD University of London; FASSA; AO

Primary affiliation:
Scientia Professor of Economics, UNSW Sydney and Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR)

John Piggott AO is an economist with extensive public policy experience, advising governments throughout Asia. 

Marian Baird
Professor Marian Baird AO

Professorial Fellow

BEc (Hons) DipEd PhD University of Sydney; FASSA, AO

Primary affiliations:
CEPAR Chief Investigator; Professor of Gender and Employment Relations, University of Sydney Business School

Marian Baird is one of Australia’s leading researchers in the fields of women, work and care, advising government departments and organisations on improving the position for women in the workforce and society.

Professor Hazel Bateman

Professorial Fellow

B Econ University of Queensland; PhD University of New South Wales

Primary affiliation: Professor, School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, UNSW Sydney; CEPAR Deputy Director

Hazel Bateman is an economist who researches consumer financial decision making especially as it relates to retirement accumulation and decumulation. 


Robert Cumming
Emeritus Professor Robert Cumming AO

Professorial Fellow

MBBS UNSW; MPH PhD University of Sydney; AO

Primary affiliation:
Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology and Geriatric Medicine, University of Sydney; Honorary Professor, CEPAR, UNSW Sydney; Professorial Fellow, Ageing Asia Research Hub

Robert Cumming AO is an epidemiologist whose research brings together biological, psychosocial and medical aspects of ageing. 


Hanming Fang
Professor Hanming Fang

Professorial Fellow

BA Fudan University; MA University of Virginia; PhD University of Pennsylvania

Primary affiliation: Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania; ShanghaiTech University; CEPAR Partner Investigator

Hanming Fang is an applied microeconomist with interests in welfare reform, health insurance markets and population ageing. 


Peter McDonald
Honorary Professor Peter McDonald AM

Professorial Fellow

BCom University of New South Wales, PhD Australian National University; FASSA; AM

Primary affiliation: Honorary Professor of Demography, School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne; CEPAR Chief Investigator

Peter McDonald AM is a demographer who is frequently consulted on the issue of population futures by governments around the world. 

Warwick McKibbin
Distinguished Professor Warwick McKibbin AO

Professorial Fellow

BCom (Hons) University of New South Wales; AM Econ; PhD Econ Harvard University; AO; FASSA

Primary affiliation:
CEPAR Chief Investigator; Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Director, Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University

Warwick McKibbin is an economist who works across a wide range of areas in applied policy and global economic modelling.

George Kudrna
Dr George Kudrna

Senior Research Fellow

PhD Economics University of Sydney, MA Economics, TUL Czech Republic

Primary affiliation: CEPAR Senior Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney

George Kudrna is an economist who applies his expertise in developing macroeconomic models to the economics of population ageing. 


Rafal Chomik
Rafal Chomik

Senior Research Fellow

BCom DipModLang UWA; MSc Econ London Met 

Senior Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney 

Research streams: 
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life

Sophie Yan
Dr Gaoyun (Sophie) Yan

Research Fellow

BSc Econ, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; PhD Econ UNSW

Primary affiliation: CEPAR Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney

Dr Dandan Yu

Research Fellow

BCom (Hons) UNSW, BEcon and MEcon from Peking University

Primary affiliation: CEPAR Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney