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Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life


Stream Leader: Professor Michael Sherris

Stream Coordinator: Drs Bei Lu and Kyu Park 

This stream takes an issues-based approach to provide new insights into how businesses, individuals and households, and governments can deliver sustainable retirement incomes and health policy, in the context of limited fiscal capacity. It encompasses stochastic simulation models, product design for retirement, health and aged care insurance, and retirement, tax and related policy analysis.

A range of quantitative models will be complemented by survey and qualitative analysis to

(i) advance methodological approaches to assessing mortality and health risks to better estimate risks in population subgroups, and to inform product development which would allow more efficient risk allocation, a potentially critical cost-saving innovation;

(ii) inform health policy by building models and estimating social predictors for successful ageing to dramatically improve perceptions of and indicate possibilities for future health policy; and

(iii) mitigate post-retirement risk by determining best practice for retirement income policy, developing new models to support product innovation, including home equity release, and guiding financial decision making.

Projects Include:

  • Mortality and Morbidity Risk
    Project Leader: Professor Michael Sherris
  • Macro-health Outcome Simulations
    Project Leader: Professor Peter McDonald
  • Social Determinants of Successful Ageing
    Project Leader: Professor Fiona Blyth
  • Retirement Policy Issues
    Project Leader: Professor John Piggott
  • Financial and Insurance Product Design
    Project Leader: Professor Michael Sherris
  • Guiding Financial Decision Making
    Project Leader: Professor Hazel Bateman