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Decision Making, Expectations and Cognitive Ageing


Stream Leaders: Professors Kaarin Anstey and Michael Keane

Stream Coordinators: Dr Yvonne Leung

This stream explores the relationship between cognition, education, decision making and age; the role of social expectations in this relationship; and how individuals make key life course decisions against a backdrop of ever-greater uncertainty.

It brings together for the first time the disparate areas of behavioural economics, neuroscience, and developmental and health psychology, to unify our understanding of life course choices and to transform policy perspectives.

It examines the correlates and characteristics of individuals’ decision making over the life course, emphasising the impact of age and cognition on decision making and consumer choice; and reveals how decision making is shaped by age-related changes in cognition, affect, values and goals as well as expectations about ageing. The stream will deliver a unifying model of life-cycle, or life course, decision making, which explicitly recognises limits to rational choice.

Projects Include:

  • Individual Differences in Financial and Health Decision Making: Impacts on Productive Ageing
    Project Leader: Professor Kaarin Anstey
  • Identifying Individual and Social Influences on Decision Making at Older Ages
    Project Leader: Professor Kaarin Anstey
  • Expectations and the Ageing Experience
    Project Leader: Professor Kaarin Anstey
  • Rational Choice Theory and Consumers
    Project Leader: Professor Michael Keane