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Organisations and the Mature Workforce

Mature workers

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Stream Leader: Professor Sharon Parker

Stream Coordinator: Dr Daniela Andrei

This stream focuses on the impact of various work designs on worker wellbeing at older ages, especially cognitive capital. It will investigate barriers to mature workforce participation, especially age discrimination and the accommodation of caring responsibilities, to inform workplace policy and practice.

It will establish the kinds of work practices and policies that promote mature workers’ successful ageing; identify optimal work designs to encourage and support mature employees’ participation, engagement, and health at work; and inform strategies to support mature workers in balancing work with non-institutional care responsibilities.

Boosting mature labour force participation rates is of critical importance to the nation: for instance, the Commonwealth Treasury estimates a five percentage point increase in participation rates of 50-69 year olds could produce 2.4% more GDP by 2050.

Projects Include:

  • Mature Workers in Organisations Survey
    Project Leader: Professor Sharon Parker
  • Promoting Successful Ageing in the Workforce
    Project Leader: Professor Sharon Parker
  • Promoting Successful Teams and Organisations
    Project Leader: Professor Sharon Parker
  • Promoting Successful Care Outside of Work
    Project Leader: Professor Marian Baird


For further information about the research stream, details on the Mature Workers in Organisations Survey (M-WOS survey) and how to collaborate, please visit matureworkers.cepar.edu.au.

Mature Workers in Organisations (MWOS) Virtual Symposium Series

The MWOS Virtual Symposium Series is hosted with the aim of encouraging interaction between academic researchers from a broad range of disciplines as well as from industry and government. View the upcoming schedule and video recordings of past symposia here.

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