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The trade-off between the rate of new infections and relaxation of restrictions will matter both domestically and internationally as Australia's main exports are people-based, says Scientia Professor John Piggott.

According to Prof. Piggott, a recovery plan must also address the vulnerable groups in society that have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

Women are experiencing more mental health issues than men and the challenge of child-rearing during the pandemic has been especially challenging for women, says Professor Leisa Sargent.

Topic: Intergenerational Inequality and the Intergenerational State

Presenter: James Mahmud Rice

Topic: The contribution of health-related behaviours and psychosocial factors to socioeconomic inequalities in mortality among older Australian men
Presenter: Saman Khalatbari Soltani

MMCN Webinar Series: "The Global Macroeconomic Impacts of COVID-19: Seven Scenarios"

Speakers: Ioana Ramia (Centre for Social Impact, UNSW) and Mălina Voicu (Research Institute for the Quality of Life, Romanina Academy)

Topic: Life satisfaction and happiness among older Europeans: the role of active ageing

Speaker: Katja Hanewald (CEPAR, UNSW School of Actuarial Studies and Risk)

Topic: Long-term Care Insurance Financing using Home Equity Release: Evidence from an Experimental Study