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Women are experiencing more mental health issues than men and the challenge of child-rearing during the pandemic has been especially challenging for women, says Professor Leisa Sargent.

Topic: Intergenerational Inequality and the Intergenerational State
Presenter: James Mahmud Rice, CEPAR, The University of Melbourne

Topic: The contribution of health-related behaviours and psychosocial factors to socioeconomic inequalities in mortality among older Australian men
Presenter: Saman Khalatbari Soltani, CEPAR, The University of Sydney

Topic: Follow the Rating? How Disclosure Affects Retirement Income Product Choices in a Discrete Choice Experiment
Presenter: Inka Eberhardt, CEPAR, UNSW Sydney

MMCN Webinar Series: "The Global Macroeconomic Impacts of COVID-19: Seven Scenarios"

Speakers: Ioana Ramia (Centre for Social Impact, UNSW) and Mălina Voicu (Research Institute for the Quality of Life, Romanina Academy)

Topic: Life satisfaction and happiness among older Europeans: the role of active ageing

Speaker: Katja Hanewald (CEPAR, UNSW School of Actuarial Studies and Risk)

Topic: Long-term Care Insurance Financing using Home Equity Release: Evidence from an Experimental Study

Public Lecture by Gwenith Fisher, A/Professor of Industrial/Organisational Psychology, Colorado State University, USA, and CEPAR Associate Investigator