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CEPAR Population Ageing Futures Data Archive

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Project overview

CEPAR is providing data sets of projecting the composition and diversity of Australia’s older population. Detailed population projections are currently available for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, Australia, the States and Territories populationsAustralia’s migrant populationsAustralia's sexual minority population, as well as regional and remote populations, and estimates of Australia’s ‘oldest-old’ population and projections of dementia and of how the COVID-19 pandemic affects population ageing in Australia. CEPAR will be releasing on a rolling basis further projections and estimates, including of English language proficiency, religiosity, and detailed sub-national estimates of future ageing.


Australia is experiencing population ageing. The number of people at the older ages is growing rapidly (numerical ageing) and this age group of the population is forming an increasing share of the total population (structural ageing). However, with a few exceptions, understanding the diversity of future population change within the older population has been largely overlooked.

Understanding the diversity of future population change within the older population is important as the Aged Care Act 1997 as well as a series of policy documents cement the Australian Commonwealth Government’s commitment to meeting the needs of older Australians from diverse backgrounds. Notable examples include the Department of Health’s Aged Care Diversity Framework, the Charter of Aged Care Rights, and the Aged Care Quality Standards all of which enshrine, mandate, and regulate respectively the need for appropriate and safe aged care.

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This research is part of a larger research program undertaken by CEPAR’s Macro-Demographic Dynamics & Population Ageing Policy research stream.

Projections and estimates

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population Population projections for Australia, the States and Territories Migrant populations Sexual minority population Regional and remote populations Projections of dementia Oldest old population estimates The impact of COVID-19 on population ageing 

Project team

CEPAR Researchers
KAARIN ANSTEY (Dementia projections)
PETER MCDONALD (Migrant populations)

External Researchers
BIANCA BRIJNATH (Migrant projections)
ELIN CHARLES-EDWARDS (COVID-19 and population ageing)
SANDRA EADES (Aboriginal and Torres Islander projections)

MARGARET KELAHER (Aboriginal and Torres Islander projections)
ANTHONY LYONS (Sexual minority projections)
KYLIE RADFORD (Dementia projections)
ANDREW TAYLOR (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander projections)
ARIANE UTOMO (Migrant projections)


Associate Professor Jeromey Temple, The University of Melbourne

Dr Tom Wilson, The University of Melbourne