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What are the economic implications of a changing climate? Dr Tim Neal lecture

Given the warnings from scientists of potentially catastrophic changes to our climate from greenhouse gas emissions, it might surprise you to learn that we know very little about the potential economic implications of these unprecedented changes to the Earth’s climate. This lecture, directed at a general audience, will explore the potential channels through which climate change will impact our economy, and the unrealistic assumptions that underlie current models used to predict the economic impact of a changing climate. Insights from current research will be presented, as well as directions of future research into this extremely important subject.

Dr Timothy Neal is a recipient of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia’s prestigious Paul Bourke Award for Early Career Research.

The Paul Bourke Lectures are named in honour of the late Paul Francis Bourke (1938–1999), President of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia from 1993–1997. These lectures are presented each year by the recipients of the previous year’s Paul Bourke Awards for Early Career Research.

This lecture was jointly hosted by the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and UNSW for Social Sciences Week.