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Session 4 - Policy Dialogue on Decision Making for and in Old Age

Policy Dialogue on Decision Making for and in Old Age: Jointly presented by CEPAR and CAMA in the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU, this Policy Dialogue brings together academia, government, industry and the community to consider current and future challenges for decision making in old age.

The complete program and further information is available at https://cepar.edu.au/news-events/events/policy-dialogue-decision-making-...

PANEL SESSION: POLICY, PRACTICE AND RESEARCH – Challenges and responses for implementation

Panel Chair: Warwick McKibbin, CEPAR, CAMA, ANU


  • Ian Yates, CEO, COTA
  • Mark Oliver, Chief Distribution Officer, Insignia Financial
  • Lynn Kelly, First Assistant Secretary, Retirement, Advice and Investment Division, Treasury
  • Susan Thorp, Professor of Finance, CEPAR Associate Investigator, The University of Sydney


Marc J. de Cure, CEPAR Advisory Board Chair, Adjunct Professor, CEPAR, UNSW Business School


For audio transcripts, please contact us via cepar.edu.au.