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Representation of ethnic minority groups in dementia risk factor research

Presented at the CEPAR Cross Nodal Seminar Series


  • Associate Professor Fiona Stanaway, CEPAR Associate Investigator and Associate Professor in Clinical Epidemiology, The University of Sydney
  • Dr Arjun Krishnan, Junior Doctor at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Western Australia


With growing rates of dementia and increasing ethnic diversity of ageing populations in many countries throughout the world, there is a need to critically evaluate the inclusion of ethnic minority groups in dementia risk factor research. This presentation will present an overview of important issues to consider when analysing ethnicity data in cohort studies and then present the results of a scoping review that applies these principles to assess the quality of inclusion of ethnic minority groups in dementia risk factor research.

Fiona Stanaway is a medical doctor and clinical epidemiologist who is passionate about the use of research to address unequal health outcomes within ethnic populations. She has an MBBS (Hons) (University of Queensland), an MPH (University of Sydney), and a PHD in epidemiology (University of Sydney). Fiona’s contributions stem from her PhD, in which she established the impacts of low socioeconomic status and social relationships on the health of older male Italian immigrants in Australia as part of the Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project (CHAMP) study. In recent year, Fiona has expanded her research on the health of older migrant populations by leading a project on translation and cultural adaptation of scales to measure social isolation and social support in older Chinese migrants in Sydney.

Arjun Krishnan is a junior doctor currently working in Western Australia. He completed his medical degree through the University of Western Australia and has also completed a Master of Public Health with specialisation in research methods through the University of Sydney. His MPH dissertation project was supervised by Dr Fiona Stanaway and examined the representation of racial and ethnic minorities in cohort studies looking at risk factors for dementia. Through this, he has gained an appreciation for the importance of conducting research in this area and hopes to extend this further through ongoing work with Dr Stanaway and the project she leads examining ethnic inequalities in cardiovascular disease.

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