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A long-term study led by CEPAR Dedputy Director Scientia Professor Kaarin Anstey has analysed older Canberrans’ mental health during the 2019/2020 bushfires.


Two new reports commissioned by the ACT Government have found older Canberrans were emotionally resilient following the 2019/20 bushfires.


A collaboration between the City of Stirling in Western Australia and CEPAR at Curtin University will see an innovative age-inclusive leadership development program delivered as part of CEPAR's Organisations and the Mature Workforce Project.


Workers aged 45-54 with care responsibilities struggled during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, according to a new CEPAR report published today. The report explores the circumstances of older workers with care responsibilities and offers insights into how they balanced their family lives with paid work. 


A new research brief – financial decision making for and in old age – published CEPAR focuses on decisions related to personal retirement finances and explores how risks of poor decisions increase with age. 

2018 CEPAR in the news

A new way to structure superannuation contributions could become standard practice in some developed countries explains CEPAR Director Scientia Professor John Piggott.

Michael Sherris

CEPAR Chief Investigator Professor Michael Sherris from the UNSW Business School explains why rising insurance premiums are set to join other affordability pressures for Australians.


cepar award

On 9 September, the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and UNSW will be hosting a lecture from one of the 2021 Paul Bourke Award winners: Dr Timothy Neal, CEPAR Senior Research Fellow, UNSW Business School.


CEPAR researchers Dr Tom Wilson and Associate Professor Jeromey Temple have released new population projections for Australia, with a particular focus on population ageing.