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Researcher at work

The work of early career researchers exploring aspects of population ageing featured at the 14th National ERA Conference 7-8 December 2015.

Ageing population data

Projects by Chief and Associate Investigators at CEPAR have been granted over a million dollars by the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Projects Scheme for 2016.  

Cepar ageing population seminar

IAGG Asia/Oceania recognises Professor Hal Kendig's outstanding contribution to the development of gerontology and service in the region. 

Researchers at work

Australia’s aged pensioners tend to preserve financial wealth and consume conservatively.

Population ageing researchers collaborating

A new Asia Pacific-wide Research Hub has been established at the University of New South Wales, providing a regional forum for research collaboration on population ageing. 

Sydney, Australia

Australia remains among the best but has fallen several places on the 2015 GlobalAgeing Index of quality of life and well-being for older people.

Aged care support

The Australian Research Council will fund the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) to conduct a cutting-edge project examining the policy implications for Australia and other countries worldwide.

Middle aged couple researching online

Queensland trials using tablet mobile devices are helping seniors (65-85 years old) use technology to maintain and build social connections.

Elderly friends enjoying life

Understanding subjective life expectancy (SLE) is critical for pension design and longevity insurance markets. Yet there are very few studies that focus on this question.