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Speaking at the Mortality in Australia Symposium CEPAR Chief Investigators Peter McDonald and Philip Clarke commented on life expectancy in Australia today and on the difficult lifestyle changes required to further extend life expectancy.

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Longer careers and better health later in life could be on the cards for older Australians if workplaces were more age-friendly and promoted healthy lifestyles to their employees, a new CEPAR study has found.

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CEPAR Chief Investigator Michael Keane, along with Associate Investigator Olena Stavrunova, have won the 2015-16 Dennis Aigner Award, for the best paper in the Journal of Econometrics over the 2015-2016 period. 

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Age-friendly workplaces and allowing employees to retire voluntarily contribute to longer careers and better overall health of retirees, according to CEPAR researchers.

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Life expectancy has hit a new high, with typical newborn girls now expected to live to 84.5 and boys to 80.4, according to the new life tables from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, but CEPAR Chief Investigator Peter McDonald says these figures are almost certainly underestimates.

Female colleagues collaborating in the workplace

Increasing workforce participation and maximising productivity and health for older workers were the key themes at the Workshop on Mature Labour Force Participation.

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Sociologist, Cassie Curryer’s research is shining a light on the largely ignored experience of growing old without children.

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CEPAR is delighted to have our long-time colleague and CEPAR Co-Deputy Director Kaarin​ Anstey join us at UNSW. 

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Housing affordability is deepening inequality in Australia. "There's a growing divide between young people with access to wealth transfers from affluent parents and those who do not," says CEPAR Associate Investigator Rachel Ong.