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aged care

'Responding to the needs of older, often vulnerable, Australians is an extremely complex business. But it is also one in which making money is tough. The danger is that a combination of cost pressures, profit incentives, and inadequate oversight encourage or force providers to cut corners', says CEPAR Senior Research Fellow Rafal Chomik in this Conversation piece.


CEPAR Chief Investigator Professor Sharon Parker and her CEPAR node at the Centre for Transformative Work Design recently transfered to Curtin University from the University of Western Australia, being tasked with shaping the jobs and industries of the future as part of a new collaborative research hub based at Curtin University.

Dementia care

In their recently published review paper in Nature Reviews Neurology, CEPAR researchers Professor Kaarin Anstey and Dr Ruth Peters review the recent progress in research on alcohol consumption and the risk of dementia. Their paper summarises the current state of knowledge and discusses findings in recent research papers.


The pension age won't climb to 70 after all. What was the original idea all about? CEPAR Senior Research Fellow Rafal Chomik explains.

Peter McDonald

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the new federal minister for population and cities, Alan Tudge, is going to be working on population policy. The minister stated he would seek advice from a broad range of academics, including CEPAR Chief Investigator Professor Peter McDonald.


Philip Clarke

Professor Philip Clarke joins the University of Oxford to lead the Health Economics Research Centre (HERC). He takes up the position of Director of HERC at Oxford and retains his CEPAR Chief Investigator position at the University of Melbourne.

Kaarin Anstey

People who spend more time volunteering in older age tend to be more satisfied with life, and that is especially true of people who have lost friends, says CEPAR Deputy Director Professor Kaarin Anstey in her recent paper, published in the Australian Journal of Psychology this month.

Hal Kendig

You are invited to join together with Hal Kendig's colleagues, friends and family to celebrate his life and to honour his achievements at a memorial event on 24 August in Canberra.

James Nazroo

The wellbeing gap between rich and poor widens as we age. James Nazroo is a professor of sociology at Manchester University and a partner investigator with CEPAR at UNSW Business School. He recently gave a public lecture on inequality in later life for the UNSW Grand Challenges program. Nazroo spoke with Julian Lorkin for BusinessThink.