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John Piggott

CEPAR Director Professor John Piggott has been awarded a prestigious four-week academic writing residency from the Rockefeller Foundation, to work on ageing issues in the Asian region. The residency is located at the Foundation’s Bellagio Center in Italy.


Over 90 representatives from the wider research community, government and industry, attended the 26th Colloquium on Pensions and Retirement Research, which was co-hosted by CEPAR and the School of Risk & Actuarial Studies in the UNSW Business School.

taxation of pension

This book is the first of its kind to explore the theoretical and policy perspectives on the taxation of pensions, viewed in an international context, and includes contributions from CEPAR researchers Hazel Bateman, Rafal Chomik, George Kudrna, John Piggott and Alan Woodland.

Marian Baird

World-leading researcher in women and work policy honoured: Professor Marian Baird, CEPAR Chief Investigator at the University of Sydney Business School has been named one of the world's most influential people in gender policy by Apolitical.

Shanghai workshop

The Australia-China Population Ageing Hub at CEPAR, in collaboration with the School of Entrepreneurship and Management at ShanghaiTech University and the Employment and Social Security Research Center at Fudan University, hosted its 4th Annual Workshop on Population Ageing and the Chinese Economy in June in Shanghai, China.

Olivia S. Mitchell

The keynote speaker at the 26th Annual Colloquium on Pensions and Retirement Research, Professor Olivia S. Mitchell, will explain how financial knowledge can be a powerful driver of wealth inequality in a world of uncertainty and imperfect insurance, since financial knowledge allows people to better allocate their lifetime resources.

Elderly friends

The International Network for Pensions, Aging, and Retirement Research (INPARR) hosted its third annual conference at the OECD Headquarters, Paris in June 2018, with over 150 delegates attending the meeting.

Ageing Well

It is predicted that there will be almost one million Australians with dementia by 2050 and 10 times as many family members and friends indirectly impacted by its effects. Professor Kaarin Anstey hosts Ageing Well for Life seminar series to help learn how to take steps to age well and reduce your risk of dementia. 

CEPAR Associate Investigator Zhongwei Zhao co-edited the Routledge Handbook of Asian Demography, which is the first of its kind to provide a comprehensive study of population change across the whole of Asia.