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Cognition & Decision Making

Dementia care

Strand Leader: Professor Kaarin Anstey

Investigating cognitive ageing; issues in choice and decision-making; and extensions to the life-cycle paradigm, studies in this stream reveal the vital psychological and physiological causes behind the process of cognitive decline, and how it might be slowed. Life-cycle models provide a frame within which errors in choice might be identified and their severity assessed. And choice studies provide new knowledge about how choices are actually made.

Projects Include:

  • Sensory Ageing and Interaction with Cognition
  • Older Drivers, Transport and Policy
  • Cognitive Training for Everyday Life
  • The Impact of Dietary Intake on Maintenance of Cognitive Health
  • The Social and Economic Impact of Cognitive Ageing
  • Gender, Contextual and Biological Influences on Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
  • Effects of Taxes and Safety Net Pensions on Life-Cycle Labour Supply, Savings and Human Campital: The Case of Australia
  • Joint Labour Supply and Retirement of Australian Couples
  • Complex Financial Decisions for Retirement Savings
  • Housing in an Ageing Society: A Simulation Study
  • Macroeconomic Implications of Australian Housing Policies
  • Optimal Consumption and Housing Equity over a Life-Cycle
  • Investment in Health over the Life-Cycle
  • Evaluating Consumers' Choices of Medicare Part D Plans

For more information on individual projects please see the CEPAR Annual Report.