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Ageing in Asia & its Impact on Australia


Strand Leader: Professor Peter McDonald

By examining differences between and within national populations in the Asian region and studying policy reform and its implications both for the countries involved and for Australia, this strand quantifies the evolving demographies in some of the region’s largest countries and the health status and life expectancy of national populations.

Projects Include:

  • Changes in Age Patterns of Mortality by Major Causes of Death in Recent Epidemiologic Transition and Population Ageing in Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Environmental Impact on Old Age Mortality in East Asia since the 1970s
  • Population Ageing and Social Security Policy in Asia
  • Comparative Ageing in Asia
  • The Demography of Indonesia
  • Meeting the Needs of Older Persons in Rural Indonesia
  • Ageing in Iran
  • Ageing and Wellbeing in Vietnam: An In-depth Study of Changing Intergenerational Support Strategies
  • Inequalities in Healthy Life Expectancy across Chinese Provinces
  • Modelling Multi-state Health Transitions in China: A Generalised Linear Model with Time Trends
  • Long-term Care in China: Estimating Multi-state Life Tables and Costs from a Pilot Provision Program
  • A Dynamic Analysis of Chinese Elder's Health from 2000-2010
  • A Comparative Study on Ageing, Health, and Wellbeing in China and India

For more information on individual projects please see the CEPAR Annual Report.