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Research Publications

Understanding barriers to the realization of human rights among older women with mental health conditions

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Social Cognition and Social Functioning in MCI and Dementia in an Epidemiological Sample

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Local Area Estimates and Geographical Patterns of Australia’s Sexual Minority Population

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Human resource management practices and organizational injury rates

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Association between decision-making under risk conditions and on-road driving safety among older drivers

Brady, B., Eramudugolla, R., Wood, J. M., & Anstey, K. J. (2021). Neuropsychology. 35(6), 622–629

Moral geographies of care across borders: The experience of migrant grandparents in Australia

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A Fistful of Dollars Financial Incentives, Peer Information, and Retirement Savings

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The accuracy of self-reported physical activity questionnaires varies with sex and body mass index

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Intrinsic Capacity: Validation of a New WHO Concept for Healthy Ageing in a Longitudinal Chinese Study

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