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Research Publications

The Effect of Opioids on the Cognitive Function of Older Adults: Results from the Personality and Total Health through Life Study.

Malinee Neelamegam, Janice Zgibor, Henian Chen, Kathleen O’rourke, Chighaf Bakour, Lakshminarayan Rajaram, Kaarin J Anstey, The effect of opioids on the cognitive function of older adults: results from the Personality and Total Health through life study, Age and Ageing, 2021

The Prospective Association between Socioeconomic Status and Falls among Community-Dwelling Older Men.

Khalatbari-Soltani, S., Stanaway, F., Sherrington, C., Blyth, F.M., Naganathan, V., Handelsman, D.J., Seibel, M.J., Waite, L.M., Le Couteur, D.G., Cumming, R.G. (2021). Journals Gerontol Ser A.

The Association between Home Ownership and the Health of Older Men: Cross‐Sectional Analysis of the Australian Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project

Khalatbari‐Soltani, S., Cumming, R.G., Chomik, R., Blyth F.M., Naganathan V., Handelsman D.J., Le Couteur D.G., Waite L.M., Stanaway F. (2021). Australas J Ageing. 2021 Jan 25; 00: 1– 8.

Cost-Effectiveness of Dementia Prevention Interventions.

McRae I, Zheng L, Bourke S, Cherbuin N, Anstey KJ.J Prev Alzheimers Dis. 2021;8(2):210-217. doi: 10.14283/jpad.2020.71.PMID: 33569569

Is There a Demand for Reverse Mortgages in China? Evidence from Two Online Surveys

Hanewald, K., Bateman, H., Fang, H., and Wu, S. (2020). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 169, p.19-37.

Introduction to the Special Issue on Population Ageing in Australia

Piggott, J. (2020). Australian Population Studies. 4(1), 1-3.

Flicking the switch: Simplifying disclosure to improve retirement plan choices

Thorp, S., H, Bateman., L, I, Dobrescu., B, R, Newell. and A, Ortmann. (2020). Journal of Banking and Finance. 

Align your job with yourself: The relationship between a job crafting intervention and work engagement, and the role of workload.

Kuijpers, E., Kooij, D. T., & van Woerkom, M. (2020). Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. 25(1), 1-16.

Aging labor, ICT Capital, and Productivity in Japan and Korea.

Lee, J.W., Kwak, D.W. and Song, E. (2020). Aging labor, ICT Capital, and Productivity in Japan and Korea. Journal of the Japanese and International Economies. 58(2020). Article ID 101095.