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Research Publications

Were there really 1 Million Unoccupied Dwellings in Australia on Census Night 2021?

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Impact of Mild Behavioral Impairment on Longitudinal Changes in Cognition

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Precise Conclusions Regarding the Influence of Age Stereotypes Require Precise Operationalizations Thereof

Rudolph, C. W., Friedrich, J. C., & Zacher, H. (2022). Work, Aging and Retirement. 8(4), 371–374

Validation of the CogDrisk Instrument as Predictive of Dementia in Four General Community-dwelling Populations

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Longer-term Structural Transitions and Short-term Macroeconomic Adjustment: Quantitative Implications for the Global Financial System

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Testing Times for Dementia: A Community Survey Identifying Contemporary Barriers to Risk Reduction and Screening

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Factors Associated with Participation in a Multidomain Web-based Dementia Prevention Trial: Evidence from Maintain your Brain (MYB

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How can People Benefit, and who Benefits most, from Using Socialisation-oriented Social Media at Work? An Affordance Perspective

Wang, B., Liu, Y., Qian, J., and Parker, S. K. (2023). Human Resource Management Journal

The Feasibility of a Multidomain Dementia Risk Reduction Randomised Controlled Trial for People Experiencing Cognitive Decline: The Body, Brain, Life for Cognitive Decline (BBL-CD)

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