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Annual Workshop on Population Ageing and the Chinese Economy

Each year the hub hosts a workshop on Population Ageing and the Chinese Economy.

In 2020, the workshop will be held at ShanghaiTech on 28-29 June.

Weekly lunch

The China Hub hosts a weekly lunch. Please contact Dr Katja Hanewald at k.hanewald@unsw.edu.au if you would like to join us.

Upcoming workshops

For information on future events subscribe to our CEPAR newsletter and visit our events section.


UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship: Long-Term Care Insurance and Services in China

Applications for the UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship on 'Long-Term Care Insurance and Services in China' are now open. The PhD project studies the development of long-term care insurance and services in China. The supervisory team comprises Dr Katja Hanewald, Professor Hazel Bateman and A/Professor Bingqin Li. For further information, visit the opportunities webpage (expressions of interest have now closed).

CEPAR researchers created the most up-to-date occupational life tables of urban employees in China

Drs Katja Hanewald, Han Li and collaborator Pu Liao published a report documenting the “Constructing Occupation-Specific Life Tables for China” project commissioned by the Society of Actuaries under the “China Research Topics” proposal. The purpose of the project is to construct the most up-to-date occupational life tables for male and female urban employees in China based on administrative data from the Beijing Public Pension System for the period 2005–2009. Read the report here

Further Information
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