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Research Publications

The Extension of Social Security Coverage in Developing Countries

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Promoting Physical Activity in Sedentary Elderly Malays with Type 2 Diabetes: A Protocol for Randomised Controlled Trial

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Vertical Disintegration and Training: Evidence From a Matched Employer-Employee Survey

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The Prevalence of Physical Activity Behaviour in Older People: Findings from the DYNOPTA Project and Australian National Survey Data

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The Influence of Subjective Life Expectancy on Retirement Transition and Planning: A Longitudinal Study.

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Temptation and Social Security in a Dynastic Framework

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Supporting Housing and Neighbourhoods for Healthy Ageing: Findings from the Housing and Independent Living Study (HAIL)

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Functional Assessments used by Occupational Therapists with Older Adults at Risk of Activity and Participation Limitations: A Systematic Review and Evaluation of Measurement Properties

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Correlates of Subjective Health across the Ageing Lifespan: Understanding Self-Rated Health in the Oldest-Old

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