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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Research Grant Awards for CEPAR PhD candidates

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The UNSW Business School together with the UNSW Global Water Institute have awarded Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Research Grants to five UNSW Business School Research Students, including CEPAR PhD candidates Trang Le and Michelle Vhudzijena.

A panel comprising UNSW Business School academics from various disciplines assessed the students’ applications and presentations which were held on 13 October at the UNSW Business Lounge. 

Trang and Michelle have each been awarded $4,000 research grant funding to undertake SDGs related research in 2023:

  • Trang Le for her research on ‘Fertility Choice and Human Capital Investment’

Trang is a CEPAR PhD candidate in the School of Economics at UNSW Business School. Supervised by CEPAR’s Professor Isabella Dobrescu, Dr George Kudrna, and Scientia Professor John Piggott, Trang’s Ph.D. project focuses on constructing a multi-period life cycle model of fertility, family transfers, and education with idiosyncratic income risk to explain intergenerational mobility. Her estimation results for emerging economies, in particular in Indonesia and beyond, could provide insightful implications on policy design to address inefficiency in those countries.

  • Michelle Vhudzijena for her research on ‘An Actuarial Lens on Long-term Care and Multimorbidity’

Michelle is a CEPAR PhD candidate in the School of Risk and Actuarial Studies at UNSW Business School. Supervised by CEPAR’s Professor Michael Sherris, Dr Andrés Villegas and Associate Professor Jonathan Ziveyi, Michelle’s PhD project investigates predictive modelling of mortality, health status and disability using individual level data.