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CEPAR researchers receive UNSW Business School Staff Excellence Awards

cepar award

CEPAR researchers Professor Hazel Bateman, Associate Professor Katja Hanewald and Yafei Si, and Robert Annabel, have been recognised with UNSW Business School Staff Excellence Awards for their exceptional work in Research and Education.

The UNSW Business School has awarded the HDR Collaboration Award (Student) to CEPAR PhD Candidate Yafei Si, and the HDR Collaboration Award (Supervisor) to his supervisors CEPAR Chief Investigator Professor Hazel Bateman and CEPAR Associate Investigator Associate Professor Katja Hanewald, for their two joint papers:

Yafei Si, Hazel Bateman, Shu Chen, Katja Hanewald, Bingqin Li, Min Su, Zhongliang Zhou (2023). Quantifying the Financial Impact of Overuse in Primary Care in China: A Standardised Patient Study. Social Science & Medicine.

Yafei Si, Katja Hanewald, Shu Chen, Bingqin Li, Hazel Bateman, and John R Beard (2023).Life-Course Inequalities in Intrinsic Capacity and Healthy Ageing, China. Bulletin of the World Health Organization.

The Business School Teaching Excellence Certificate has been awarded to CEPAR PhD Candidate Robert Annabel, for exemplary tutoring in Actuarial Studies and Economics and for his role as a Head Tutor.

The UNSW Business School notes that “Robert Annabel’s track record demonstrates clear evidence of tutoring excellence in both classroom and online settings. His teaching methods are designed to influence, motivate, and inspire student learning. By incorporating interactive activities, practical examples, and thought-provoking discussions, Robert creates an engaging learning environment that encourages students to actively participate and excel in their studies.”

The UNSW Business School Staff Excellence Awards serve as a platform for exceptional instances of well-thought-out work and good practice. The award ceremony was held on 30 August 2023.