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Book: The Changing Migrant Composition of Australia’s Population


CEPAR researchers Dr Tom Wilson, Associate Professor Jeromey Temple and Honorary Professor Peter McDonald, and colleagues Dr Ariane Utomo and Professor Bianca Brijnath from the University of Melbourne have published a new book on the changing migrant composition in Australia.

The book looks at how Australia's migrant population composition is likely to change over coming decades. It divides Australia's population into 48 countries of birth groupings and projects the birthplace populations out to 2066 according to the range of scenarios. These projections indicate a massive shift in Australia’s migrant composition from a European to an Asian-dominated population over the coming decades—a change which can be interpreted as a third demographic transition. By providing detailed consideration of the implications of the changing population composition, this book is a great resource for academics, government and private sector services.

The Changing Migrant Composition of Australia’s Population: Past, Present and Future.
Tom Wilson, Jeromey Temple, Peter McDonald, Ariane Utomo, and Bianca Brijnath. SpringerBriefs in Population Studies.