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Not there yet: A gerontologist’s lament

Hal Kendig

Emeritus Professor Hal Kendig’s final public contribution to the discussion of ageing was published in the Australasian Journal on Ageing this week.

In his editorial Not there yet: A gerontologits’s lament, written before he passed away in June, Professor Kendig calls for guiding themes and policies to manage population ageing in Australia. Acess the full-text version of his article below.

Hal Kendig was an Emeritus Professor in the ANU Research School of Population Health and a CEPAR Honorary Professor. Professor Kendig was known internationally for his outstanding contribution to social gerontology and his leadership of major research programs and collaborations in ageing and population ageing. He published widely in the leading international journals in the ageing field, and was one of the most highly cited Australian social gerontologists. His knowledge and expertise were frequently sought by the Australian Government. Hal Kendig was a CEPAR Chief Investigator and involved in the Centre since it was first conceived at the turn of the century.