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Fact check: Did Nick Xenophon vote with Malcolm Turnbull to cut the age pension?

Elderly couple on a pier

Despite his own upbeat campaigning for Saturday's state election, former senator Nick Xenophon has drawn the ire of South Australia's labour movement and become the focus of radio and online advertisements attacking his parliamentary voting record.

The peak body representing the state's unions, SA Unions, posted a Facebook video taking aim at Mr Xenophon's dealings in Federal Parliament.

A week after posting the first video, they posted a different video with the same script.

Both claimed: "He voted with [Prime Minister Malcolm] Turnbull to cut pensions for older South Australians."

Did Mr Xenophon, who leads the SA Best party, really vote to cut the age pension?

CEPAR Senior Research Fellow Rafal Chomik and CEPAR Associate Investigator Peter Whiteford contribute to the assessment for this claim.