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Research Staff

Dr. Xiangling Liu

B.S., Engineering, Surveying and Mapping, CUMT

M.A. Management, Management Science and Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology (CUMT)

PhD, Economics, the University of New South Wales, Australia

Research Fellow, School of Economics, UNSW Sydney 

Research stream: Decision making, expectations and cognitive ageing; macro-demographic dynamics and population ageing policy; sustainable wellbeing in later life

Image of Dr Larry Liu Research Fellow
Dr Larry Liu

BS Computer Science, MA Economics Shanghai Jiao Tong University; PhD Economics ANU

Research Fellow, CAMA, ANU

Research Stream: Macro-demographic Dynamics and Population Ageing Policy

Macroeconomics, Capital Flows, General Equilibrium Modeling

Bei Lu
Dr Bei Lu

MBA University of South Australia; PhD Economics UNSW

Senior Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney

Research stream:
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life

Pension; Retirement; Long-Term Care; Health Life Expectancy; China

Timothy Neal
Dr Timothy Neal

BA BEcon (Hons) Macquarie; PhD Econ UNSW 

Senior Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney 

Research stream: 
Decision Making, Expectations and Cognitive Ageing

Econometrics; Consumer Choice Behaviour; Climate Change

Professor Philip O'Keefe

BA (Hons.) and LLB (University of Sydney); MSc (Oxford University); LLM (London School of Economics)

Primary affiliation: Professor of Practice, UNSW Business School, Sydney; Director of the Ageing Asia Research Hub, ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR)


Dr Kyu Park

MQF, The University of Sydney; MActSt, Macquarie University; PhD, Actuarial Studies, Macquarie University

Senior Research Associate, UNSW Sydney

Research stream:
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life

Mortality and disability modelling; Data analytics

Cecilia Runneboom

BSc Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands; MSc (Cum Laude) Social and Organisational Psychology, Utrecht University, the NetherlandsResearch Consultant, Curtin University, Western AustraliaResearch stream:Organisations and the Mature Workforce

Keywords: work design, motivation, psychological well-being and work performance

Image of Dr Jeromey Temple
Dr Jeromey Temple

BA Population Studies (Hons), BCom PhD (Demography) ANU

Associate Professor, University of Melbourne

Research streams:
Macro-demographic Dynamics and Population Ageing Policy

Demographic Methods; Economic Demography; Intergenerational Accounting; Population Ageing; Discrimination and Inequalities in Later Life

Alison Williams

MCom, focused on Employment Relations, Universty of Western Sydney  

Research Associate, University of Sydney 

Research stream: Work and Organisational Studies


Dr Tom Wilson

BA (Hons), PhD University of Leeds; MA University of Sussex

Principal Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne

Research stream: 

Macro-Demographic Dynamics & Population Ageing Policy

Sophie Yan
Dr Gaoyun (Sophie) Yan

BSc Econ, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; PhD Econ UNSW

Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney

Research stream:
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life

Health Economics; Retirement Income; Aged Care

Dr Dandan Yu

BCom (Hons) UNSW, BEcon and MEcon from Peking University

Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney

Research Stream:

Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life


Dr Fangfang Zhang

B.Sc(Psych), Beijing Forestry Univeristy, China; M.Sc(Psych), Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; PhD, The University of Western Australia/Curtin University, Australia 


Research Fellow, Centre for Transformative Work Design at Curtin University


Research Stream: 

Organisations and the Mature Workforce



Work design (and redesign); Job crafting; Managing age diversity; Career success and employability

Leah Zoszak

Bachelor (Honours) Psychology (First Class), UoW; Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology, UWA; Master of Clinical Psychology (In progress), CSU

Applied Organisational Research Specialist (Organisational Psychologist), Curtin University, Western Australia

Research Stream:

Organisations and the Mature Workforce