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Associate Investigators

Image of Dr Ruth Peters Associate Investigator
Dr Ruth Peters

BSc, MSc, PhD

Conjoint Senior Lecturer, UNSW Sydney; Program Lead for Dementia, Global Brain Health Initiative, The George Institute for Global Health

Research streams:
Decision Making, Expectations and Cognitive Ageing

Risk Factors, Dementia and Cognitive Decline; Blood Pressure, Hypertension and Cognition; Life-course Exposure Dementia Risk

Dr Gretchen (Gigi) Petery

BSc Psychology (cumma sum laude) Washington State University Vancouver, USA; MA, PhD Industrial-Organisational Pscyhology University of Connecticut, USA.

Associate Service Fellow, National Center for Productive Aging and Work (NCPAW), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Champion, CEPAR

Research stream: Organisations and Mature Workforce research

Keywords: Older Workers; Ageing Workers; Age Stereotypes and Bias; Subjective Age

Phitawat Poonpolkul

BScEcon, International Program, Thammasat University; MSc Business Economics, University of Amsterdam; Ph.D., Economics, Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis

Principle Researcher, Puey Ungphakorn Institute for Economic Research, Bank of Thailand

Research stream: Policy Modelling for Ageing in Emerging Economies: The Case of Indonesia

Dr Cort W. Rudolph

BA DePaul University; MA PhD Wayne State University

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Saint Louis University

Research Stream:
Organisations and the Mature Workforce

Renuka Sane
Dr Renuka Sane

MEcon Mumbai University; Ph.D. Econ UNSW

Associate Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi

Research Streams:
Decision Making, Expectations and Cognitive Ageing

Professor Anthony Scott

BA (Hons), University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; MSc, University of York; PhD, University of Aberdeen

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research; and Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, The Melbourne University

Research stream:
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life


Dr. Akshay Shanker

Bachelor of Economics (Social Science), University of Sydney; Master of Economics, University of New South Wales; PhD (Economics), Australian National University (ANU)

Research streams:
Guiding financial decision making

Adam Shao
Dr Adam Wenqiang Shao

BEc Finance Beijing International Studies University; MEc Actuarial Science Central University of Finance and Economics; PhD Actuarial Studies UNSW

Actuarial Consultant, Milliman

Research stream:
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life

Dr Yang Shen

B.Ec. (Insurance Science) East China Normal University; M.Sc. (Financial Mathematics, Peking University; PhD (Actuarial Studies) Macquarie University

Senior lecturer, School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, UNSW

Research Streams:

Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life
Mortality and Morbidity Risk 
Financial and Insurance Product Design
Guiding Financial Decision Making 

Craig Sinclair CEPAR
Dr Craig Sinclair

BA/BSc (Hons Psychology); PhD Psychology (University of Western Australia)

Research stream:

Decision-Making; Expectations and Cognitive Ageing


Supported Decision-Making; Decision-Making and Ageing; Healthcare Decision-Making

Associate Professor Fiona Stanaway

MBBS (Hons), University of Queensland; MPH, University of Sydney; PhD, University of Sydney

Associate Professor, Master of Clinical Epidemiology Program, School of Public Health, University of Sydney
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Champion, CEPAR

Research Stream:
Decision-making, expectations and cognitive ageing, and Sustainable wellbeing in later life

Olena Stavrunova
Dr Olena Stavrunova

BA (Bus. Admin), MA (Econ); PhD (Econ) University of Iowa

Associate Professor, Economic Discipline Group, UTS

Research stream:
Decision Making, Expectations and Cognitive Ageing

Dr Ralph Stevens
Dr Ralph Stevens
BSc MSc Tilburg University; MPhil PhD CentER Graduate School, Tilburg University
Researcher, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis
Research streams:
Macro-Demographic Dynamics & Population Ageing Policy
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life
Professor Lucy Taksa

BA UNSW, BA(Hon) History UNSW, PhD UNSW 

Appointed Director, Centre for Workforce Futures. Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University 

Research Stream: 

Equity and the management of diversity; employment relations and workplace health and safety; socio-economic impacts of living and working with lymphoedema