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CEPAR Director analysis of the 2018 budget

BusinessThink Federal Budget

CEPAR Director John Piggott joined a panel of UNSW Business School experts that assessed the 2018 federal budget - the major items and the details. The UNSW BusinessThink Budget Briefing was streamed live on Wednesday, and is available for viewing now.

Scientia Professor John Piggott discussed key budget measures, such as changes to superannuation.

“I think the changes are all going in the right direction. Not huge expenditures, but I think all of the moves that I have been able to discern from the budget papers move in the right direction. These are sensible measures and it would have been better if they had happened earlier, but at least they have happened,” Piggott said.

John Piggott comments on the budget 2018 announcements at the following times:

  • 6:42 min, commenting on the budget changes and measures in general

  • 22:46 min, commenting on the means test, lifelong learning and mature age workers

  • 26:30 min, commenting on superannuation changes and retirement income

  • 28:50 min, commenting on the Pension Loans Scheme

  • 33:04 min, commenting on mental health support in later life


John Piggott said the 2018 federal budget could rightly be called a 'Baby Boomers' Budget'.

“My particular interest lies in older people, in population ageing. Media headlines described it as a baby boomer’s budget, and I think it was that.”