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Pensions and Superannuation Seminar Series 2017


The Pensions and Superannuation Seminar Series is jointly hosted by CEPAR and the School of Risk & Actuarial Studies at UNSW.

It takes place on a Monday from 12-1pm at UNSW Kensington Campus, in Seminar Room 2063, Quadrangle Building, and provides an excellent opportunity to network with pensions and superannuation experts from Australia and overseas. This is an interdisciplinary group with backgrounds in economics, actuarial studies, law, demography and related fields. We invite attendance of participants from other universities and from industry who are interested in both theoretical and applied research on pensions and superannuation.

We also welcome presenters who are early career academics or practitioners. Please contact Dr. Katja Hanewald if you are interested in presenting or want to be added to our mailing list.


Past Presentations, 2017

6 February

Renuka Sané, Indian Statistical Institute, “The Indian pension reform story: Where are we?”

6 March

Ian Tonks, University of Bath, School of Management, “Network Centrality and Pension Fund Manager Performance”

13 March

Paul Secunda, Marquette University, Law School,“UBER retirement”

20 March

Gordon Mackenzie, UNSW, School of Taxation & Business Law, Title: “Super Tax Reform: A Conceptual Analysis (A game changer for the advising industry?)”

3 April 

Johan Bonekamp, Netspar, “A cross-country study of saving and spending in retirement”

10 April

David Bell, Mine Wealth & Wellbeing, “Initial Views on CIPR Consultation Paper”

1 May

Han Li, UNSW, CEPAR, “Semi-Parametric Extensions of the Cairns-Blake-Dowd Model: A One-Dimensional Kernel Smoothing Approach”

15 May

Estelle Liu and Adam Shao, Mine Wealth & Wellbeing, “The members’ default utility function (MDUF)”

29 May

Lu Bei, UNSW, CEPAR, “China Pension Reforms: Recent Updates and Implications”

5 June 

Geoff Kingston, Macquarie University, Department of Economics, "Factoring fees into advice on annuities and life insurance"

19 June 

Elena Capatina, UNSW, CEPAR, “Reforming Medicaid Long Term Care Insurance”

7 August

Rafal Chomik, CEPAR, "The Impact of Demographic Change on Labour Supply and Economic Growth in APEC"

21 August

Jacki Li and Chong It Tan, Macquarie University, "To Develop a Method of Assessing Basis Risk for Longevity Transactions"

4 September

George Kudrna, CEPAR, "Means Testing Public Pensions under Population Ageing"

9 October 

Albert Ma, Department of Economics, Boston University, "Uterus at a Price: Disability Insurance and Hysterectomy”

23 October

Anthony Asher, School of Risk & Actuarial Studies, "Accountability in Regulatory Reform: Australia's Superannuation Industry Paradox"

6 November

Scott Donald, Law, UNSW, "Whither Customer Protection in Superannuation?  The role of Fairness"

13 November

Miguel Olivo-Villabrille, CEPAR, UNSW, "Assortative Marriages and Household Income Inequality"

27 November

Robert Holzman, CEPAR, UNSW and Austrian Academy of Sciences, "Defined Contribution Schemes and the Labour Market: The Challenges of Formal Employment and Delayed Retirement"

Monday, February 6, 2017 - 12:00
End date: 
Monday, November 27, 2017 - 13:00