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Fact Sheets

Data graphs

This fact sheet examines some of the most notable ageing indices, their stated purposes, methodologies and results.


This fact sheet traces the global distribution of age groups across continents and countries and over time, as if comparing the dimensions of stars and planets.


This fact sheet considers how demographic projections have changed over time and the extent to which they have conformed to real world outcomes.

Elderly friends

More than three million Australians are aged 65+, but they are not a homogenous group. This fact sheet attempts to determine what a typical older Australian is like. Based on Census data we now know her age, where she lives, her weekly disposable income, and who she votes for.

Young family at home

Population ageing is unprecedented, pervasive, enduring and profound. This fact sheet provides an introduction to the concepts, definitions, issues and projections of one of the key social challenges of the 21st century.