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Working Papers

Retired couple

Bernd Genser

In the last decades all over the world pension policy reforms have tried to account for the changing demographic and socio-economic framework. An excellent starting point for economic analyses of reform strategies is the Mirrlees Review which argues that pension policy should simultaneously address pension benefit design and the taxation of pensions.

Aged care and support

Jessica Loke

For many countries, age pension expenditure will increase dramatically over the next few decades due to a shift in demographics. In the literature, research and solutions have mostly been concerned with separate financing systems, such as pay-as-you-go, means-testing and superannuation.

Population ageing researchers

Emily Dabbs and Cagri Kumru

Social security plays an essential role in an economy, but if designed incorrectly can distort the labour supply and savings behaviour of individuals in the economy. We explore how well the Australian means-tested pension system provides social insurance by calculating possible welfare gains from changing the settings in the current means-tested pension system.

Researchers in the midst of a discussion

Xiaodong Fan and Jed De Varo

Using NLSY data, we show that job hopping is associated with lower wages for college graduates (but not high school graduates), controlling for ability, labor market experience, and current job tenure.

Cepar Pensioners

Shang Wu, Anthony Asher, Ramona Meyricke and Susan Thorp

Using eight years of data drawn from the records of Australia's Centrelink agency, we describe the income, asset and decumulation patterns of over 10,000 age pensioners.

Young family walking along the beach

Xiaodong Fan, Ananth Sashadri and Christopher Taber

Young mother and her daughter

Xiaodong Fan, Hanming Fang and Simen Markussen

This paper analyzes the connection between two concurrent trends since 1950: the narrowing and reversal of the educational gender gap and the increased labor force participation rate (LFPR) of married women.

Middle aged man researching online

Xiaodong Fan

This article documents "sharp retirement" among white male workers in the United States - retirement accompanied by a discontinuous decline in labor supply. It then proposes and estimates a life-cycle model with habit persistence to explain such precipitous decline in labor supply upon retirement as workers quitting "cold turkey" to break the "work habit".

Young woman moving house

Xiangling Liu

This paper estimates the income elasticity of house prices over a long-term time period of 1991 to 2012 for 144 LGAs in New South Wales of Australia. The income elasticity of house prices is estimated to be 0.69 by multi-factor panel data models accounting for cross-section dependence and serial correlation.