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Kaarin Anstey enhances community understanding of dementia

Ageing Well

It’s predicted that there will be almost one million Australians with dementia by 2050 and 10 times as many family members and friends indirectly impacted by its effects. While this is a challenge, there are some simple steps to take to age well and reduce the risk of dementia. 

CEPAR Deputy Director Professor Kaarin Anstey is a world leader in cognitive impairment and dementia research and the keynote speaker at a series of Ageing Well for Life seminars, hosted by Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), aimed at increasing community understanding of dementia risks.

The Ageing Well for Life seminars were held in Sydney, Melbourne and online, with Professor Kaarin Anstey discussing lifestyle factors that can lead to dementia and the steps one can take to reduce the risk. Watch her talk now online.


NeuRA Ageing Well for Life Seminar Series Program

Tuesday, 19 June – 11am-1pm AEST
Ageing Well for Life Seminar Series, Sydney Town Hall

Wednesday, 20 June – 11am-1pm AEST
Ageing Well for Life Seminar Series, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Thursday, 21 June – 7pm AEST

Ageing Well for Life Online Seminar Series (National)