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Associate Investigators

Rachel Ong
Associate Professor Rachel Ong

BEcon (Hons) PhD Economics Murdoch University

Associate Professor in Economics and Deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Applied Economics, Curtin University.

Ermanno Pitacco
Professor Ermanno Pitacco

BBusiness Economics University of Trieste; Degree in Actuarial Science and Statistics University of Rome

Professor of Actuarial Mathematics, University of Trieste

Research streams:
Health and Aged Care
Resources in Retirement
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life

Pradeep Ray
Professor Pradeep Ray

BTech Electronics Engineering BHU-IT, India; MTech Electronics Engineering IIT Kanpur, India; PhD Information Technology UTS

Honorary Professor, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW Sydney

Renuka Sane
Dr Renuka Sane

MEcon Mumbai University; Ph.D. Econ UNSW

Associate Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi

Kerry Sargent-Cox
Dr Kerry Sargent-Cox

BAppPsych (Hons) University of Canberra; PhD ANU

Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Ageing, Health and Wellbeing, Australian National University

Research streams:
Ageing Well and Productively
Cognition and Decision Making

Elizabeth Savage
Professor Elizabeth Savage

BSc Arch University of Sydney; MSc Econ London School of Economics

Professor, Economics Discipline Group, Business School, University of Technology, Sydney

Adam Shao
Dr Adam Wenqiang Shao

BEc Finance Beijing International Studies University; MEc Actuarial Science Central University of Finance and Economics; PhD Actuarial Studies UNSW

Actuarial Consultant, Milliman

Research streams:
Ageing in Asia and its Impact on Australia
Resources in Retirement
Sustainable Wellbeing in Retirement

Martin Sliwinski
Professor Martin J. Sliwinski

BA Interdisciplinary Studies Georgetown University; PhD Neuropsychology University of New York

Director, Center for Healthy Aging; Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State University

Olena Stavrunova
Dr Olena Stavrunova

BA (Bus. Admin), MA (Econ); PhD (Econ) University of Iowa

Senior Lecturer, Economic Discipline Group, UTS

Research stream:
Cognitive Decision Making

Noriyuki Takayama
Professor Noriyuki Takayama

MA PhD University of Tokyo

Professor of Economics, Institute of Economics Research, Hitotsubashi University

Federica Teppa
Dr Federica Teppa

BEc (Hons) M.Sc. University of Turin; PhD University of Tilburg

Researcher, Economics and Research Division, De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank)

Research streams:
Decision Making, Expectations and Cognitive Ageing
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life

Susan Thorp
Professor Susan Thorp

BEc (Hons) University of Sydney; DipEd University of New England; PhD UNSW

Professor, Discipline of Finance, University of Sydney

Research streams:
Decision Making, Expectations and Cognitive Ageing
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life

Tran Quang
Dr Chung Tran

BA Hanoi National University; MA Hague Inst of Social Studies & Hanoi National University; PhD Indiana University

Lecturer, College of Business and Economics, Australian National University

Research streams:
Causes and Consequences of Demographic Change
Macro-Demographic Dynamics and Population Ageing Policy

Donald Truxillo
Professor Donald Truxillo

BS MA  PhD Louisiana State University

Professor, Department of Psychology, Portland State University

Research streams:
Organisations and the Mature Workforce